Foursis Technical Solutions

  • Candidate will get details about job openings once he / she become member of FTS (Foursis Technical Solutions).
  • Job openings are totally based on client’s current need and there are chances of openings to be closed or on hold or cancelled, in such cases a FTS member cannot claim on FTS or any organisation whose job posted at wall.
  • Candidate details submitted to FTS must be truthful and authenticated.
  • FTS share job openings information only and will not responsible for any disputes occur between candidate and organisation in future.
  • Posted job openings at FTS Job wall refereed by Newspapers, Job portals, Employer websites, off line reference, Social media, Lead generation etc.
  • On-line information often comes with variation, hence there are chances of variation in information.
  • After successfully payment done by the registered candidate, he/she will be eligible for services as per selected plan.
  • Freelancer will get reward including taxes as per decided criteria by FTS.
  • Rewarded amount will get transferred in freelancers account as per decided criteria by FTS after successfully reference generated and payment done by that referred candidate.
  • All transactions to freelancers will do through banking or any wallet system; no cash system will work out.
  • Services partners are entitled to withdraw their offer or change the terms and conditions of their offer from time to time. FTS shall have no liability for any such withdrawals or changes in their terms and conditions
  • Service partner may ask for FTS membership code or any other document for verification as per their policy.
  • All services from FTS or service partners are for FTS member only, those are not transferable or no other will eligible for services apart from FTS member, if any member is trying to get benefits by sharing his/her membership code to anyone, that will be considered as a fraudulent activity.
  • In case of FTS registered member found doing any suspicious, fraudulent activity or any illegal activity with website or any services, he/she/org. will no longer eligible for membership as well not eligible for any payment or reward or any job opening information.
  • FTS has all the rights to cancel his/her membership instantly in case of any suspicious activity found and will not eligible for any service or reward provided by FTS.
  • Amount once paid will not be refunded in any circumstance.
  • During downtime of website & online services, candidates will cooperate.
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